How to start using Sharefox

Welcome on board! The Sharefox tool will make your work day much easier!

Our aim is to make the rental business possible for everyone with a platform without coding.

But how do get started? Where to begin? No worries, we have lined up all the basic information that you need to get your rental shop up and running.

All from basic settings, website templates, products, Inventory, payment methods to order management and much more.

If you go through each category step by step and follow each help article below, you will create a good base for your rental operations with a lot of automated features.


1 Your company information

2 Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, About us

3 Location information

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1 Personalize images

2 Personalize style

3 Personalize static content

4 Images: size and weight

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1 Create a product

2 Create a category

3 Create a variant

4 Create a package

5 Create a coupon

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Create and manage the inventory

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Payment methods

Choose payment provider

Payment with NETS

Payment with Stripe


Create a manual order and make the customer pay online

Payments with Klarna (subscription)


-> All articles about payments

-> All articles about accounting

Order management

Manage an order

Delete an order

Create a manual and internal order

Refund, extra charge, deposit

See your orders

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Google Analytics

Google TAG

Facebook Messenger

Cookie Bar

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