How do I change logo, header or any images?

With Admin Branding you can more easily change key images on your website, such as logos or update custom files to be used across the website (such as pdf documents, etc.).

Video explanation:

How do I find the photo publishing page?

1_Log in to Sharefox's Admin page▸ Select settings in the administration menu at the bottom left

2_ Press "media"

How to update or adjust photos? 

1_ Click on the desired image that you want to change. You will then see a pop-up window with information about the current image. You also have the option to upload a new image or adjust the current one.

2_ You can press "Crop", here you can adjust the outer edges of the pictures.

How do I upload or modify custom files as a PDF?

  • Scroll down to the Custom Files section. Here you can both add, delete or update custom files that are updated on your site
  • Scroll down to "Costum files". Here you can add, delete or update files as PDFs on your page.

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