Choose a payment solution

When setting up your rental webshop, you need to choose which payment solution you want. You can choose from five methods to receive payment:

  1. Stripe
    • Pros:
      • Quick setup
      • Recognized international actor
      • Supports Apple Pay and Google Pay
    • Cons:
      • Deposit is reserved for a maximum of 7 days only
      • No possibility for Vipps (currently)
    • Price:
      • 2.4% + 2 kr for cards from Norway
      • 3.25% + 2 kr for cards from EU
    • Setup:
      • You must create an account with Stripe yourself - Sharefox is not involved in starting the contract with Stripe.
      • You can go live right away, and they will check if you meet their business requirements afterwards.
      • If you meet the requirements, everything is OK. This applies to most shops.
      • If you do not meet the requirements, you will receive the money you have earned to date for the check, but you will be prevented from taking payment from customers until the requirements are met.
      • If you have the keys to your Stripe account, you can send them to your Sharefox contact or, and we will enter them for you.
      • Read here how to find your Stripe keys:
    • More info:

  1. Nets Easy
    • Pros:
      • Deposit can be reserved for up to 30 days.
      • Supports payment with:
        • VIPPS (Norway)
        • MobilePay (Denmark & Finland)
        • Swish (Sweden)
        • Riverty (earlier AfterPay)
    • Cons:
      • It takes about 3 weeks for Nets to set up your account
    • Price:
      • 1.5% + 1.5 kr (also for Vipps)
      • Signing fee: 0
      • Monthly fee: 199 kr
    • Setup:
      • Before contacting Nets, you should have done this. If not, Nets will not approve your store:
        • Fill out terms for the store (Terms & Conditions)
        • Fill out "About us"
        • Fill out the privacy statement (Privacy Policy)
        • Create at least two products in the webshop
      • Contact your Sharefox contact or, and Sharefox will contact Nets for you to establish a contract.
      • After Sharefox has established contact between your company and Nets, you will keep in touch with Nets yourself.
      • After you have received "secret keys" from Nets, you can enter them yourself in Sharefox. Follow this guide.
    • More info:
  1. Klarna
      • Applies only to subscription products
      • Read more here

Which provider should I choose?

This depends on your payment requirements. In the table below, you can see the various functionalities offered by the providers.





Vipps + VISA /MC (NETS) Swish +VISA /MC (NETS) Mobile pay +VISA /MC (NETS) Riverty / Afterpay (NETS)
Deposit reservation 7 days up to 30 up to 30 NO up to 30 NO
Save card / extra charge YES YES NO NO NO NO
Subscription YES YES NO NO NO NO

Please note that when activating for example Vipps will then disable the saved card functionality also for Visa/Mastercard.

For questions, you can also consult

You can also use Dankort with our NETS solution. The Dankort is only valid for transactions in DKK.

  1. Payment in-store, when booking online, and for manually created orders
      • Learn more about receiving booking requests online without receiving payment here.

  1. Book online and send invoice later
      • When booking online and for manually created orders.
      • Learn more about receiving booking requests online without receiving payment here.
      • Learn more about invoicing here.
      • Note: Sharefox can only generate an invoice basis - not legally correct invoices. To send invoices, you must use an invoicing program or your accounting system - where you can use the invoicing basis from Sharefox as an attachment with detailed pricing for the official invoice.

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