Booking requests without payment online

Purpose: Some shops prefer to not handle the payments online but rather receive all online orders as Requests and process the remaining of the order flow manually. This flow can also used if you are waiting for the payment gateway to be approved or enabled and would like to put your site live before the gateway is set up.

What is the user flow for a shop with booking requests online?

  • Customer places a booking Request
    The customer can browse the site, see availability, prepare his or her cart, and proceed with placing a booking request.
    User will receive an automatic email, including the content of his or her request 
  • Request processing by Admin
    An admin manager will have to review the Request, and if order is accepted, set its status to Booked. Important note: At this moment the order will be considered booked, and no other customer can overbook those products
  • Customer receives Confirmation email
    Admin manager has to trigger the booking confirmation email from the order page. Click Actions ▸ Send Confirmation
  • Note: If you press “Send confirmation” while the status is still Request in Admin, the user will receive the same Request email again, as a second copy. Important to remember to change status to Booked first, if the order is accepted

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