Invoicing: How does invoicing work?

With the Invoicing feature you can prepare a single invoice basis document for your order or multiple invoice basis documents, in case of long term orders spanning across multiple months. All information can be easily adjusted, cloned if needed from month to month, for smooth work processes: 

  • The invoice basis document can be generated for one month, the entire order, or for a custom time period. Relevant costs from the order will be calculated for the selected period
  • The invoice basis document can be downloaded as PDF, and attached to a normal invoice sent to the customer (see more details here)
  • The data can also be sent to a 3rd party accounting software - at the moment we support integrations with: Visma eAccounting, Tripletex, Fortnox, 24SevenOffice and PowerOffice Go
  • Regular invoicing data reports (to use as input to your accounting system of choice) is also supported

How to create a new invoice basis for an order?

  • Navigate to Orders ▸ Select your order ▸ See the new Invoices tab
  • To create a new invoice, click on Add an invoice. A new invoice be generated below for the current order and pre-populated with order information

How to edit invoice data?

  • Click on the invoice you would like to edit. All invoice header information (issuing date, due date, customer information, etc.) and order line information can be adjusted
  • If you have invoicing integration enabled (such as Visma eAccounting, Tripletex or 24SevenOffice), you will see two invoice type options: Printed / Data-for-Accounting. Use Data-for-Accounting option to send invoice data to your accounting software 

  • For each order line you can freely adjust: name, quantity, price, discounts, VAT information.

  • You can add a custom line by clicking Add an item. Then fill in the blank fields in the new line that is shown below.

How to send an invoice basis document?

When you have finished preparing the invoicing data, there are several options for sending the document:

  • You can download the Invoice basis document as PDF and send as an attachment to an invoice in your usual accounting software
  • If you have invoicing integration enabled, you can send the invoice basis data to your accounting software
  • Sharefox collaborates with and provides integration for Visma eAccounting, Tripletex, 24SevenOffice and PowerOffice Go. If you would like to enable integration with these or other providers, please contact our Sales or Support department

What happens if an error occurs

Often this is caused by the wrong organization number have been set.

Each country has a specific rule for the organization number. For example in Norway, an organization number is 9 digits.

If the customer is from a different country you can change the country from the invoice (click on "update invoice info")

If the organization number is wrong you have to update the customer profile by:

A) Clicking on "Update client info" and checking "Update Customer Profile"

B) you can go to the Customer module > go to the Customer > change the organization number > go to the order and recreate the invoice.

C) Or you can ask the customer to update the organization number from their account and then you can create a new invoice.

How to split an invoice base?

Example: You are a car rental company that have insurance companies paying for car rentals, but the end user has to pay for toll fees. In such cases, it could be of benefit to split the invoice

First, generate an invoice base as normal, given the description in above chapters.

Then go in on that invoice, and delete the invoice lines that the main customer should not pay for (e.g. the insurance company):

Notice that the customer info on this invoice is that of the original customer selected when creating the invoice.

Then select "Data for Accounting" or "Print", and click "Send Invoice".

Now we will create the invoice for the second receiver.

Click "Back to invoices list", and create a new invoice basis on that same order. Now you go in on this order and delete the lines that already were included in the first invoice base you generated:

When you are left with only the order lines you want the new receiver to pay for, you can go to "Update client info", and enter the information for the one that should receive the second invoice base:

When this is done, you can as always select "Print" or "Data for Accounting", and click "Send Invoice", or download the invoice base as a PDF, clicking "Download PDF".


  • In Sharefox you can set up extra fields under the address, to ask for more than just the standard user address and info. For example you could set up a field for a project reference number, delivery address, or driver's information. To have this set up for your shop, please contact detailing what fields you want to have set up for your shop.

    These extra information fields will show up wherever the address fields show, like in the order view, emails and invoice bases.

    Note that this is a new feature for accounting, so not all accounting systems might show these extra information fields at the moment - but feel free to reach out to if you need such support for your accounting software.

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