How to create a package

Creating packages can be an important matter for your marketing and rental strategy. For example for outdoor sports or gardening.

Here you can the step-by-step guide of how to create your package in Sharefox.

  1. From the panel go to > product
  2. Click on ADD PRODUCT
  3. Name your product and make sure the product type is set to "Main product"
  4. Click on CREATE

Once the product has been created, fill in all its parts, click here to see how

 5. To add products, go to the section "Sub-products and accessories"

Note: you must first create the individual products to add them. If you do not want to display them individually click here

   6. Click to "Add sub-product"
The drop-down menu with all the products created will open. Choose the item with want to include.

  • Unit: the quantity of the item included
  • Sub-product group: which sub-category it belongs to (important if for example you have several brands of boots and you want to show in different line - see image below). To insert it you must first create the variant. If you choose to don't fill it the variants will be display in the same line on the end-customer product page
  • Type:
    - included: the customer will have to choose an item in the applied sub-category and the price will NOT be added but included in the package price
    - recommended: the customer can decide if they want to add the "recommended" product and the price of the chosen item will be added to the package one

  • Has variants: if the inserted product has variants 
  • Single unit: (valid for recommended) defines if the product can be chosen once or more than once
  • Default: (valid for recommendation) if the product is pre-selected or the customer has to deselect it
  • Status: you may always decide to deselect it 

   7. If the products "included" has variants, please turn on "variants" in the advanced option on the right.
When you will open the tab "variants" you will see all of them. You can put the brand name and decide the display order

  8. Select the pricing

NOTE: the price of the package covers the price of the individual products "included". See here how to set up advance pricing scheme click here

Now your package is ready to be rented!

The inventory of the package is dictated by the inventories of the individual products that make up the package. SO in inventory will show without number in stock

The  package will remain available as long as all the individual products are available: if for example, I have 10 pairs of skis and 12 pairs of boots, once I have rented all the skis the entire package will be unavailable even if I still have 2 boots.

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