How do I create an accessory or consumable?

Creating an accessory or consumable involves two steps:

  • Creating the accessory product with all its properties (description, image, pricing, etc.)
  • Associating the product as an accessory to the main products of interest

Step 1: Create the accessory product

Select Products in the Admin left menu. This will open the Products module and display the list of existing products, which you can easily search, sort or filter by product type. Click Add Product:

  • An accessory can be made for any product type: renting, sales, subscription. Select the type you want to use and click Create to proceed
  • To make this product an exclusively an accessory, meaning it cannot be rented or bought without being associated to a main product then turn on This is an accessory option on its settings panel

  • Follow instructions in article How do I create a product? to set up all required product properties: name, description, multimedia, pricing, inventory, etc.

Step 2: Associate your product to right main product

Once the accessory product is created with all its details, you can associate it to a main product. Please follow the following article - section "Associate the add-ons or subproducts"

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