How do I add a product?

Selecting Products in the Admin left menu will open the Products module and display the list of existing products, which the user can easily search, sort or filter by product type. 

Adding Products is an easy process. Clicking on the “Add Product” button will open a pop-up to enter a Product Name and to select the product type as “Main Product, Accessory or Consumable”.

After selecting the product name and type, you will be taken to the Product Page allowing you to enter product information such as: product description, product categories, multimedia (including images and video), associated accessories and consumables, associated activities, and many others.

  • Description - Describe your product. This text will be displayed on the product page under “About the product” tab.
  • Usage areas - Description of activities relevant for this product, to be displayed on the product page in the “Usage areas” tab.
  • More details - More technical details can be provided about the product, which will be visible under Product page “Mode details” section
  • Published / Inactive - Publishing a product will include it on the live Shop site. Setting it to Inactive will hide it for public users. The product can still be seen with the Preview function by admin users.
  • Categories - Product categories act as filters to the end user in the Shop Products (list) page. Multiple categories can be assigned to one product.
  • Searchable tags - Tags are words or combination of words that will be used by the Search function on the Shop site.
  • Display Priority - The display priority is used to sort products when displayed to the end user on the Products list page. For example, a more popular product can be given a higher display priority and get a position towards the top of the list.
  • Purchase Time - This field represents the number of days needed to purchase another product item (asset) for the same product. This can be useful in case virtual product items are used. Virtual items are inventory items, that could be booked in advance by users, but are yet to be purchased. Therefore, during the purchase time period, they are not available for booking, but become available for the time after that period.

Note: Once you change some text you will see a button 'Save Changes' which you need to press to save changes of texts.

The newly added product would look like this on the website:

Note: An initial red message indicating the product is not available will show at first, until inventory items will be filled in for this product.

  • First add main products as usual (according to user manual attached, chapter 8) 
  • Add the size variants (one by one) for each main product
    • Add a new accessory from Products > "Add product" button (with product type = accessory)
      • Set name to eg. “W Medium”
      • Copy inside Usage areas the text: #bike_size#
      • Add Categories (eg. Sykler)
      • Set Channels and Locations > Tick: Pick up in store - Store hourly - Location_name (as needed)
      • Add a price record with start date today and end date end of year, with price 0 / deposit 0
      • Set as Active (top right)
    • Assign this accessory to the main product
      • Products > Main product page (bike) > Accessory section > Add a record for each variant > Set type = Recommended, status = Active > Confirm
  • Add inventory items
    • Add inventory items for size variants / accessories made above
      • Go to Inventory > Click Accessories (top right) > Search for “W Medium” size > Add items (location should have “(Hourly)” in its name, status = Active, type = Actual)
      • Use clone button (right of row) to do multiple entries
    • Add inventory items for main bike products
      • Go to Inventory > Click Main products > Search and click on needed bike product > Add items (location should have “(Hourly)” in its name, status = Active, type = Actual)
      • Clone to do multiple entries (sum of items in each size variant, like if you have 2 small and 3 medium sizes in Ålesund, there should be 5 items for the main product in Ålesund)

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