How do I create a variant?

Our variant function is probably the most flexible on the market. It can create simple variants, variants in product packages, variant group with different options, combine variants (color and size), manage inventory for each variant. On the shop side it has the possibility to show only text, show image for group or show different image for each individual variant even, and more.

  • A variant is products that have different sizes or choices that the customer can choose from when ordering:

  • It is, for example, the length of the skis, the size of the shoes, or the color and size of a garment as shown in the picture. Variants can have buttons or individual and different images.
  • First set up the product you want with the description as shown above on the left side. See the product setup guide if necessary.
  • Then enable variants on the right side of the admin panel. This creates a new column called Variations.

Setup of variants

  • Option name: Select the name of the variant group, for example, "Size" as shown above.
  • View as - turns on if you want to display images or text of the variant
  • Option type - turns on whether the customer must choose a variant to be able to proceed in the order.
  • Option Values: To add variant click "+" and add all the sizes you need

When you click on "confirm" and then on "create" In the image that appears below as you create variations, you can then:

  • Total inventory - go to "Manage Inventory" to add the units or go on the right button Manage Inventory to manage all of them at once
  • Product status - you can publish or set the variant inactive
  • Manage Inventory - tap this to fill up with inventory. Inventory is added in the usual way, but remember to fill up on the variant not the main product. That is, add how many size 31 you have, and not how many shoes. If it is not filled up with inventory, or the inventory is rented out, the customer will not be able to choose the variant. (for more see the inventory help article)
  • Variant page - add more info about the variant

Changes / How to remove variants

  • If you have variants that are no longer active, add or change the size you can do that from the display function on the website, by clicking "edit"
  • If you want to remove one variant you can hover your mouse over the variant and you will see 'X'. Pressing it will open a popup to confirm that you want to remove this variant
  • If you want to remove one dimension you can do it by pressing the delete icon on the right. Note that you first have to remove each variant before removing the dimension
  • If you want to add a variant you can press "+" and add it. Remember to add the inventory
  • Then you can press "update" and save your choices.

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