How to add and update inventory?

All products, accessories and sales items need an inventory. This is controlled under the menu item "Inventory".

In the overview screen inventory, you get a quick overview of the number of rental units that exist under each product and you can refill your stock.Press each of the tabs to get to the named product type: Main products / Acessories / Consumables.

  • Filter - At the top right you can filter by products - Main Products, accessories - Accessories or sales products
  • Stock - number of units
  • Buffer - number of virtual units (units with acquisition time, but which can be booked)
  • Capacity - The calendar can be used to check the available capacity for each product. The calendar shows the number of units booked out of the total number available.

Change and update rental inventory

To update the inventory, click on the product you want to change inventory items for (or press the ITEMS button), and you will see the inventory page for this product.

To add a new unit, select +ADD ITEM.

Note on bulk inventory: If you don't care about tracking inventory items on a item level, e.g. with their own ID number, you could choose to turn on the "Add in bulk" setting, shown in the upper right corner. Example: You have 30 chairs to rent out, and don't care if one or the other chair is the one being rented out. Read the specific help article on how to add and update Bulk inventory.

  • REF - automatically given by the system.
  • Status - Active / Inactive - can be booked by customers, Inactive - can not be booked, and used if the product is under repair or something.
  • Type Physical / Virtual - Physical is a real product that you have in stock, virtual is a product with acquisition time. How many days the acquisition time is controlled under the product's settings.
  • Location - You must allocate a product to a department in order to be booked.
  • Supplier - name of the supplier of the product.
  • Inventory ID - the product ID - is used if you need to allocate a product to an order. For example, a registration number on a trailer.
  • Supplier product - for example model number.
  • Note - enter notes that accompany each object. For example: out for service.

Change and update consumables (sales) inventory

Sales products provide a purchasing overview that is managed and added in bulk. Here is an explanation of the possibilities:

  • Items in stock - Quantity in stock.
  • Reorder level - minimum before new order.
  • Last order - When you ordered / updated the inventory last time.
  • Last quantity - How many you ordered last time.
  • Last inventory price.
  • Report - Executes a shopping list that you can download in excel.

To edit the list, it is done per product.
At the first time, you put a new stock. This is done by pressing UPDATE> RESET STOCK LEVEL.
Then you choose how many you have in stock. Can also be used to correct exact inventory along the way.

For purchasing and replenishing new inventory, you can select UPDATE> ADD ITEMS
It is important to note that the number of units is the number of new units to be added. These are added to the number you already have in the inventory, but do not apply when setting up the product for the first time - then RESET STOCK LEVEL must be used.

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