How to add and update Bulk inventory?

What is bulk inventory?

Sometimes your rental inventory for a specific product can have a very large number of items (eg. hundreds or thousands). In such case using the inventory module in Bulk mode for managing inventory is needed. This will allow you to quickly add or remove items in bulk.

Note: If you are planning to track inventory individually (eg. use scanning devices to identify objects one by one, or use service alerts for individual items) then it is recommended to use the individual tracking more or keeping bulk mode off, which is the also default mode. See separate article on this topic

How to enable bulk inventory?

Bulk inventory can be enabled from two places: either during setting up the product information (from Admin > Products > Product page) or when adding physical inventory (from Admin > Inventory > Items page).

Enable bulk mode from Admin > Products > Product page:

Enable bulk mode ("Add in bulk") from Admin > Inventory > Items page: 

How to add inventory in Bulk?

To add bulk inventory movements, just click on Bulk Update button inside Admin > Inventory > Items page:

When creating a Bulk Update inventory movement, the following popup will be displayed. The following are minimum required fields:

  • Effective Date: Enter the date that the new inventory movement will become effective and impact booking availability  
  • Location: Select the location for the inventory added
  • Add or Remove choice: Choose if items will increase or decrease after the inventory movement  
  • Movement value: Enter the number of items that are being added or removed

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