How to set up product prices?

Daily Pricing

Prices are defined on the product page and under each individual product under Daily Pricing.

The daily pricing is the base price, that also controls other advanced pricing configurations that can be done later such as day 2 discounts and more.

  • Start date / End date - plan price change and set start date and end date for the order placement. You can add more prices with start and end dates so you can plan well in advance and have an overview of the price development as well. The default end date of a Daily price is set 15 years ahead in time to avoid a price expires.

    Note 1: if a price has "expired" then it will be an error message that gives a standard price of the last price the system remember as the base price (this so that the product page does not show error messages). This is corrected by changing the end date of the price. 

    Note 2: The dates set for the daily pricing is for the date of the order placement; not the dates for the actual event of rental. If you want to set up prices for the actual rental dates, please follow this help article, where you at the bottom can read about seasonal pricing:

  • Price. This is the base price and represents the price for the first day of a rental or sale price. This price is the base for all other prices calculated in the system; whether it is hours, days, weeks or longer periods when renting.
  • Custom list price for display - This is an optional text that can be displayed on the website before the customer has entered the number of days. If no custom price display is said, the basic price is displayed per day. An example is: "From 349, - / day".
  • Deposit. If the product has a deposit, the amount you deposit here will be reserved on the customer's card and displayed in the payment window (for credit card transactions). This is not deducted from the account, but is reserved for additional orders and other things.
  • Add - Add a new price line.
  • Pen - change the price line.
  • Garbage can - delete price line.

Pricing-Multiday Discounts

Define multiday discounts or prices for up to 7 days. Any subsequent days will use day-7 rental price.

Sharefox has an advanced pricing engine for multi days. The price engine has the same structure as the large rental companies for cars etc., which specialize in optimizing rentals that can, for example, provide discounts over several days and provide a basis for weekend prices and weekly prices. You can specify the discount level for day 2, 3 and so on. Discount level is calculated based on the default price given above. Note that if you are set up with only an hourly rate, a multiday discount will not work.

  • Weekend price, or discount for several days, so you adjust Day 2 (short weekend) and / or Day 3 - 4 (for example Friday-Monday). For example, you can use a rate of 50% discount on the daily price on days 3 and 4 to achieve a longer whole. This means that you operate with lower weekly prices even if it is relevant, but you will also get a discount if you rent 3-4 days on weekdays as well.
  • Weekly price. Adjust day 2-7 for weekly rate.
  • Several Weeks - for longer than a week, Day 7 is adjusted, which is a key price. Day 7 then regulates all day prices from day 7 onwards, so if the customer wants 10 days, the final sum is calculated with a discount structure from day 1-6 + 7 to 10.

Other pricing features

Advanced pricing

Like hourly pricing, weekly prices, monthly prices, weekday adjustments, pricing limits, pricing grace periods and discounts. See this help article:

Member Type

This is a configuration that allows you to set special discounts for members and non-members on the daily prices. Discounts can be set for all products or especially on individual products. This is an additional configuration and separate module. The default setting under the Member Type column is JustClick and you do not need to do anything with it if you do not have a member level.

If the product is set up with such a discounted structure, it is regulated under Multi day discount and Special Discount.

More price logics

Pricing scheme - If you have set up several price logics (hourly price, daily price), they are displayed under Pricing Scheme in the menu bar at the top right as shown in the image below.

Display retail price

Is an additional configuration if you want to show a purchase price for comparison for rent. You will then get an additional column that shows this under pricing daily default.

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