How to set fixed durations for bookings

If you have a service product it is often useful to set a fixed booking duration for it, so that the Shop user does not have to set the booking end date or time when browsing or placing the order. Here are some examples:

  • Booking an interior designer for exactly 1 hour
  • Access to a sauna for exactly to 2 hours
  • Booking a bike service for 1 hour

How to set it up?

  1. In the Admin Product page, in the right hand menu you will find "Fixed booking duration", which you could turn on. When this is done, a time selector will appear beneath it. You can there enter the number of minutes you want the event to last
  2. Note: The duration should the set return times for your shop (channel) used by this product
  • Example: A user wants to book a bike repair of 1 hour from 10:00. The Fixed booking duration for such a product should be set to 60 minutes. For this to be booked, the system needs to have return times set to match these times. In this case the merchant should (at least) have set a return time for 11:00, so that the "Fixed duration" end time is matching the "Return time". Else the booking will not go through
  • If the service duration is 90 minutes, the merchant needs to set return times also for half-hours, so that a booking between 10:00 and 11:30 would have a matching return time at 11:30

You are able to set the return times for your shop under Settings -> Channels -> Click on the channel/location -> At the bottom of the page you can set the Pickup and Return times

What does the Shop user see?

On the Shop product page, your customers will then only choose the start date and time of this product booking. You may also consider changing the standard text from "Pick-up" to "Start" by using the Admin Settings -> Static Text editor.

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