How to create a product category

It's no surprise that consumers turn to search engines when making a purchase decision - whether it be in-store or online.

To help ensure your product shows up during their research, not only should you optimize and prepare your listing to meet the applicable channel requirements, but also take the extra step of categorizing products correctly according to those same standards.

Doing so will give shoppers easier access to what they're looking for and set you apart as an information leader within the industry!

To sort your products so the customers can find them more easily, you can choose to create categories.

Step 1: Go to Admin

1. Go to Product and select Product Categories 

2. Click on the button Add

3. A new category entry will be created  

Step 2: How to customize your Product Category

To set up correctly your category these are some suggestions that can help you 
  • Product category, Enter URL slug, display text and title SEO
    • ..can be the same (for the URL slug: no capital letters, no spaces and no non-Latin characters like ø,å,...)
  • Rental category check-box
    • If you check it the platform will tag the category to be for renting. If you don't the platform will read this as "sale" so the category will appear in "accessories" if the customer access from the shop
  • Image display
    • If the box is not clicked, the category background on the homepage will appear grey
  • Display priority
    • This will display the categories in the order you want 
  • Number of products
    • This is the number of products associated with that specific category

When you are finished customizing your site, press the checkmark to save your new category.
  • Remember to repeat the process in English or another language needed. You can change the language you want to change the products for in the top right corner. Here we have also made an article on how to set up the products in several languages.

Step 3: How to add an image to the category to create a nice homepage

1. Go to Settings and select Media

2. Add your image to Custom Files (the picture should not be more than 5 MB)

3. Copy the link created

4. Go back to  Product and than go to Product Category

5. Press Edit on the category you want to upload the images

6. Past the link on Image Desktop URL and Image Mobile URL

7. Save updates

  1. Optional: Go to Settings -> Template -> Product Category, and activate the module pressing the toggle to the right of the "Padding Enabled/Disabled" drop down. This will make the product categories appear on your shop.

NOTE: if you don't assign a product on the category, the category will not show on the homepage

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