How to turn your site into a multilingual one

Do you want to open your business to international customers? Then it becomes fundamental to offer your services and products in languages other than your local one!

  • Your users will be able to switch languages on the public Shop site as they wish
  • When multi-language support is activated, the platform will translate all standard content automatically. We are supporting: Norwegian, English and Swedish as standard languages for now and more languages will come soon. Note that you can still customise the content to match your business needs via Admin > Settings > Static Text feature as before
  • The currency format for your site can also be adjusted to match your local or business needs (read more here)

To activate this feature, please contact:

How does multi-language support work in the Admin site?

Once the multi-language feature is enabled for your site, you will find inside your Admin panel the language flags on the following modules:

  • Products
  • Product categories
  • Activities
  • FAQ
  • Webshop (go to Admin > Settings > Static text)
  • Privacy Policy, Term & Condition, About us, Information

For content to be inserted (such as product details, categories, FAQ) when you have placed the texts in one language, clicking on the flag of the other language, you will see the same empty text boxes to be filled with the translated contents.

See an example of missing text that does not exist for a selected language:

For editing the content, the same  language selector is displayed on all content pages that support multi-language elements. See below an example for the Admin Product page:

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