Payments: How do Stripe payments work?

Sharefox can integrate with Stripe in order to support your business with online payments in your country. Stripe is one of the leading global payment gateways. Once your Stripe account is activated, you can process online payments to support your online user journeys. The payment flow includes the following payment actions:

  • Processing online payments from your users
  • Reserving deposits on online orders. These can be released (at the end of rental) or captured (eg. in case of delayed returns, extensions, cleaning or other fees)
  • Refunds
  • Extra charges (for fees that cannot be covered via deposit capture)

At all times, the payment actions should be used in accordance with your site terms and conditions

How do stripe payments work in detail?

  • Webshop online paymentsAfter the customer proceeds to checkout page and accepts the terms and conditions, a Stripe payment object (with status Incomplete) will be created for the booking amount (note: this does not include deposit value). Once the customer fills in card details and approves the payment on the Stripe form, the payment will be fully processed: payment status will change to Succeeded in Stripe and to Accepted in Sharefox. In case the card-save option is activated (enabling deposits or extra charges), Sharefox will trigger saving the customer and payment method token on Stripe which will be used for future payments, related with this order
  • DepositsIf there is any deposit for the order, a second payment object on Stripe will be created (with status Uncaptured), which holds the funds on the customer's card for a specific amount of days (default 7 days / may differ based on your Stripe business application). Deposits can be released or captured by the admin user, following site terms and conditions
  • Admin action: Deposit ReleaseThis will release the funds that are in status authorized if they are not released yet by Stripe and it creates a payment record of type deposit-release in Sharefox
  • Admin action: Deposit CaptureThis will capture a specific amount of money from the deposit. Maximum amount is the deposit value. If you capture less than the deposit amount, the rest will be released. This creates a payment record of type deposit-capture in Sharefox
  • Admin action: RefundThis will start a refund from the latest booking payment which was a successful capture and will create a new refund payment record
  • Admin action: Extra ChargeThis will create a new payment by using the tokenised payment method saved in Stripe, for the specified amount. In Sharefox, a payment record of type booking-payment will be created


Overview of Sharefox payment types:

  1. Main payment (Reservation) - this is the payment record created when the customer is on checkout and he proceeds to payment
  2. Booking payment (Capture) - this is the payment record created when the customer finishes checkout and a successful capture is processed. Status will reflect successful / unsuccessful payment. An extra charge also creates a payment with this type
  3. Deposit reservation (Reservation) - this is the payment record created during checkout if the order has a deposit amount. Depending on the stripe response it can fail / succeed and this will be reflected in the status and log
  4. Deposit reservation (Capture) - payment type used when manager uses the Deposit Capture action
  5. Deposit Release - payment type used when manager uses Deposit Release action
  6. Refund (Capture) - payment type used for refunds

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