Deposit, refund, expanding payments/rental period

Payments made by the customer on the website and which are deducted directly from the customer's credit card in the shopping cart have several advantages. If you have activated the deposit, an amount is also reserved in the customer's account. A deposit works so that no money is deducted from the account, but a reservation has been made for the agreed amount. This is read on the available amount.

It also explains how to deduct the deposit from the customer, refund the amount paid or withdraw more money from the customer, for example during an extended rental period.
Credit card payment then has 3 active modes. Go to the Administrator menu => Tap Order => Tap current order => tap payments

1. Withdrawal of deposit - Deposit of reserved amount, enter a description of deduction, and add the amount to be deducted. This triggers a deduction of the reserved deposit amount on the amount described.
2. Refund / Refund - Repayment of paid amount. Note that the money must have been transferred to your account before it can be returned. Write reimbursement description and sum. The customer receives an automatic receipt.
3. Extra deduction / extra charge - If you have to pay extra due to extended rent or other costs, the extra charge function can be used. The system will then try to pull on the stored card at NETS. First, the order must be manually updated, read about how here, then fill in the description of the withdrawal of money and what amount. The customer will receive an automatic receipt.
After you have performed one of the three actions above, you can see the overview if you find the way to the Admin menu> Order> Information> Note box
When does the customer get the money back from the deposit?
The banks state that they then spend 2-5 working days deleting the reservation. You will not receive money back in the account, but you will discover that the reservation has disappeared and you can use it again.  

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