How to change an order

In this article, the system stores an overview of order changes in its own history.

Step 1: Find the order to be changed and open it

  • Go to the administration page and click on "Orders" in the menu on the left. Then you will be able to see all your orders. (See image below).

Step 2
  • Select the order you want to change from the menu, then click the "Pen" button to see the options you have. (See image below).

  • The drop-down menu that we can see in the picture gives you three choices to change the order.
  • Change
    • Change the entire order: quantity, time, variants and delivery location / method. Remember that you can not change historical orders, just move orders forward in time. 
  • Update Order Line
    • Allows you to change product name, device price, inventory ID and statuses.
  • Cancel
    • Cancellation and release of the rental unit.
Please note that when adding new accessories to your product, you will still need to confirm the current rental dates. This is because "Change" can be used to change both the date, number of units and add / subtract accessories at the same time.
  • After the updated order you will see the original order in gray and replaced by a new order in green. The reservation of the inventory has also been updated.
Based on the new order, a new payment is also proposed (via the function for payments / extra costs or other payment method).
  • Total price
    • The total price for the new order.
  • Suggested price
    • Suggested outstanding price for new order - minus original order.
  • Total paid
    • Total amount paid.
  • Suggested payment request 
    • Suggested payment.

Change of variants in an order

  • Click on the pen on the far right.
  • Then click on Change.

Select the desired variant and then click on "update" to update the order line

Extra note:

Every order that gets the Order Status: Booked

ef26bfa61d2fb4b606befbd99f09c456.png changed manually by the admin, will not receive an email automatically.
If you want to send an email confirmation to a customer whose status has been changed by the admin, there is an option to do it:
1. Go to the order
2. Click on "Actions" (right top corner)
3. Choose "Send confirmation"

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