Build your community - with Mailchimp

What does this feature help me achieve?

We currently support two integrations with Mailchimp

  1. Use Mailchimp scripts to display popups with promotions and collect customer emails.
  2. Collect your registered Sharefox users to a Mailchimp email audience.

Popup forms

Create a form to learn more about your audience. Capture email and/or SMS contacts with a pop-up form that can be added to any site.

How to set it up with Sharefox

  1. Follow this Article to set up your Popup form in Mailchimp
  2. In the Publishing step, add your site URL
  3. Copy only the script.
    1. An example is highlighted in the picture below

  4. Add the script in the Sharefox Admin > Settings > Integrations > Marketing tab > Mailchimp scripts
    1. Example below

  5. Click the Publish button on the top right corner
  6. Check your site to see the Popup
    1. Example below

Mailchimp Audience

  • Synchronize your Sharefox registered users with Mailchimp audience lists
  • Prepare marketing campaigns in Mailchimp and email funnels, to keep your customers up to date with your latest offers, products, campaigns, and other business developments

How do I set it up?

  • Prepare your Mailchimp account. You first just need to have an existing Mailchimp account or create a new one. You can do this at
    • Tip: You can get a free account with Mailchimp until you reach about 2000 contacts
    • Create or select an Audience List inside your Mailchimp portal to which your Sharefox shop users should be added to
    • Get your Mailchimp API key: Generate an API key from Mailchimp > Account > Extras > API keys. Use the "Create a key" button. Copy the key, as you will use it in the next steps below
    • Get your Audience List ID: Inside the Audience created above > Go to View Contacts > Settings > Audience name and defaults > Audience ID section > Copy the Audience ID, as you will use it in the next steps below
  • Add the integration parameters in Sharefox Admin. Go to Admin > Settings > Integrations > Marketing
    • Scroll to section Mailchimp Audience and fill in the Mailchimp API key and Audience List ID
    • Enable integration: Toggle the integration to ON on the right from the right corner
    • Note: if you want to add more audience lists, you can do so by adding them by comma separation. E.g. 9adb9asd9,hasd8ad,h9adbasd
    • Publish changes: On the top right corner of the page click the Publish button to publish the changes

Two examples of how a Mailchimp Audience integration may look like:

How does it work?

  • Every time a new user is registered in Sharefox, the user's basic information (email, first name, and last name) will be transferred to your Mailchimp audience list(s) selected
  • Note: Please ensure that your terms and conditions and privacy policy reflect this data flow to your Mailchimp account

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