How to create manual orders

Create orders directly from admin

We are improving the process of creating orders by employees in case of drop-ins or order placement over the phone, etc. Within a few clicks you will be able to select the customer, the needed products and payment method, and place the order.

  • Log in to Admin and go to Orders module
  • Click on the Create Order button top right corner

Step 1: Select customer

1. You can make an order with an existing customer:

  • Select an existing customer from the list and then click on "Next step".

2. You can create a new customer:

  • Fill in name, surname and email. Then click on "Next step".
  • When you create a new customer, the customer will be notified by email that they have an account in your Shop site and a link where he / she can set their password.

3. You can create an order without assigned customer:

  • Choose between "Anonymous order" for cash customers where you dont need to register customer information 
  • "Internal order" used to book service intervalls, other internal usage. Internal order is a non-financial order.

Note: All the customers methods have similar order steps, but in the example below we will choose the "existing customer" method.

  • Select the customer you want to make the order for and click "next step".

Step 2: Select product / products and rental dates

  • Mark the product you want to add, choose location, start date, start time, end date and end time. The availability of the product will then be checked. Choose the quantity you want to book and click on add.

  • After choosing the product, choose the rental period. Once completed, the "add" button will turn green and you can click it and add the product.

  • Once you have added the products you want to the cart, you can click the "next step" button at the bottom of the page on the right-hand side

Step 3: Place an order

  • To complete the order, you must add all the necessary information of the customer (Address, email, phone, post code and city), and then choose a payment method (for example Invoice or cash registry).
  • (see the tip at the bottom of this page)
  • When all the required information has been entered and a payment method has been selected, you can press "complete" to finish the order.

Step 4: Send confirmation (optional)

If you want to send to the customer the email confirmation you have to go in the Order > Actions > Send confermationTips


In Sharefox you can set up extra fields under the address, to ask for more than just the standard user address and info. For example you could set up a field for a project reference number, or delivery address. To have this set up for your shop, please contact detailing what fields you want to have set up for your shop.

If enabled for your shop, the same fields are then shown both in your admin on creating a manual order, and in the shop for your customers to fill out. Note that in the example the titles are "Extra info" and "More information", but they could often have titles like "Project number" or "Driver's name", etc.

These extra information field values will show up wherever the address fields show, like in the order view, emails and invoice bases.

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