Create manual orders and charge customers online

In this article, we will go through how we can create an offer for a customer so that the customer can complete the order/payment through the website.

Step 1: Create the manual order

  • Login to Admin
  • Click on "Orders" in the menu on the west inside the Admin
  • Click the "Create order" button at the top right

  • Select the customer you want to create the order for or create a new customer
  • Click on "Next step"

  • Click on the desired product and then select:
    • Location
    • Start date and start time - When does the rental period start?
    • End Date and End Time - When does the rental period end?
  • Click "ADD" to add the product to the shopping cart
  • Click "Next step" to proceed to the last step

  • Scroll down and enter the necessary customer information and payment method (checkout or ask for support to enter a new method, eg online)
  • Then click on "Book" to place the order

Step 2: Change of status and sending of order confirmation

  • Click on the order you created
  • Change status from "Booked" to "Reopened"
  • Click on "Actions" at the top right
  • Click the "Send confirmation" button from the menu to send confirmation of the order to the customer (optional)

Step 3: Contact the customer to complete the order

For the order to be paid on the website, the customer have do the following:

  • Send the customer an email with a link to their website and ask the customer to pay online 
  • Ask the customer log in with his/her user with you on whom the order is placed. The customer have to request a new password, if he/she is not an existing customer, to log in to his/her user
  • The order is ready in the shopping cart, ask the customer to go to the shopping cart and then complete the order and payment in the usual way with online card payment.

Note: If the order is not finalized you can change the status from Reopened to Test or to Cancelled or to Draft (and will automatically drop).

On the end-customer side, the booking disappears and s/he will lose this order forever

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