User notifications

What are User Notifications and why are they useful?

Communication is very important in order to provide a memorable customer experience.

Besides the standard transactional notifications (email receipts, notification of return, etc.) your business may prefer to set up additional custom notifications along the user journey.

A few such examples could be:       

  • Reminder to Return (eg. 1 day before scheduled Return): "Friendly reminder to return your equipment..."
  • Information before Pickup (eg. 1 day before scheduled Pickup): "Here are some important instructions for your rental..." 
  • Follow-up after Return (eg. 2 days after actual Return): "We hope you enjoyed your rental experience..." 

Note: Notifications are set to run on daily batch jobs scheduled for around 8:00 am, for deliveries matching the trigger and filter criteria defined (see instructions below on how to set up notifications).    

How to set up User Notifications?

Notifications are very flexible to set up and can be configured from Admin Settings > Notifications section.
Here you can manage all custom notifications: set up new ones, see or modify existing ones already created.

In order to create a new notification just click on the  Create Notification green button and follow the instructions (see screenshot below).

The information required includes: 

  • (Required) Trigger informationWhen would you like your notification to be sent? 
    • Trigger type: such as Scheduled Pickup / Return or event based (such as Event: Returned, when the return happened)
    • Desired number of days before or after the trigger time
  • (Required) Content: You can customise the subject line and the content of the notification email.
    Note: dynamic fields such as order reference, user name, etc. will be appended automatically
  • Name: A tag helping Admin users identify their notifications
  • Filters: Such as order statuses or other criteria. Business use examples:  
    • Send feedback follow-ups only to orders that have status Closed
    • Send return reminders only to deliveries that have status Picked-up
    • Filter based on location

Just click Save and your notification will be set up ☺︎.

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