How to cancel whole or parts of an order

This article explains how to delete all or part of an order. This also means that the inventory becomes available again.
1. Enter the relevant order first. The order can consist of up to several deliveries which can also have different times. Cancellation can therefore be done in two ways:
A) If you want to cancel the entire order and all deliveries, go into the order and press Actions> Cancel Deliveries

When the entire order is Cancelled, Order total is not included in any revenue reporting or on the Dashboard. The content of the order will not be reserved, products are released and can be booked on other orders However, the total is still displayed in the order as reflecting the sum of its contents. 

B) If you want to cancel parts of an order, enter the delivery, click on the pen next to the pickup and then select "Cancel".

Closing of orders after cancellation
2. Refund any money under pay. See separate article on topic.
3. After processing the deliveries and any refund and refund of the deposit, the order is closed in the usual way. Click on the menu in the upper right corner of the current order. In the menu, select close order.

When the order is closed, it will automatically disappear from the order module, and the inventory will be automatically updated so that the next customer can order the product.

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