How to create coupons, promotions and gift cards

Create gift cards or coupons for your customers


This enables campaign and promotions.

You can:

- have weekend promotions with certain date and% discount.

- use it as a "credit note" by combining amount original and amount current

Gift cards and promotions can be entered in the following way.
1. Go to menu Admin > Products > Coupons and click Add product to create a new discount coupon or gift card
2. Fill in the following fields:

■ Code - The name of the coupon

Active - You can set a coupon as active or inactive. An inactive coupon cannot be used.
■  Validity period (start and end dates) - From when to when is the coupon valid. Note that the end date is the first date the coupon is no longer valid - the coupon is not valid on the day of the end date.
Applies to accessories True / False - should the coupon apply to accessory products that are rented out?
Applies to membership True / False - set to False (only applies to membership module)
Main product - Select one, a few or all products
Consumables - Select one, a few or all products
■  One Time (used with amount) - Should the coupon be used only once. Default is false, then it can be used several times and / or by several.

Note: One time does not work with %-discount, only with amount.

  • ■  One Time - true:  the amount has been reserved for the whole shop. Whoever applies it, will discount, until the amount original is spent
  • ■  One Time - false:  the amount has been reserved per user. Each user can spend that amount that has been written on Amount Original (note: Amount current will not be updated)
■  Discount - Discount in % on a purchase
Amount original - How much money is a coupon? (ex. 200 NOK)
Amount current - if OneTime: true, it will show much money is left on a coupon (ex. 120 NOK out of 200 NOK). Set to the same amount as the original when first setup.
The coupons are redeemed in the shopping cart. Note that it is case-sensitive.


Coupons are also supported for subscriptions and they work in the following way:
One time discounts will only apply to the first month's payment
Percent based discount will apply to each month's payment over the lifetime of the subscription 

Rental example:

You want to create a coupon with 200NOK discount, for every customer, this is the configuration you must follow:

Create a coupon with the following configuration:

  • name: CouponName
  • active: true
  • Valid from: select the start date of the campaign
  • Valid to: select the end date of the campaign
  • Applies to accessories: choose an option
  • Main Product: choose if you want it to be applied to every product, or specifically to a single product
  • Consumables: choose an option
  • One time: false
  • Discount: leave it empty (if your discount is not based on percentage)
  • Amount original: write the amount you want to discount
  • Amount current: write the amount (same as the Amount Original)

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