Main benefits

The schedule gives you the possibility to visually and quickly:

  • See the availability for each product
  • See the number of items booked per product
  • See the status of orders and items
  • See how you can optimise your rental operations

How do I see if a product is booked?

  • On the right hand side of a product, you will see a green bar at the time the product is booked.

    • If you look up to the top of the page, you will notice calendar days or hours.
    • The number on the green bar indicates the number of items that is booked, for this time.

If "Show inventory" is enabled - this can be turned on for you by contacting

    • If you click on the product name, or a green bar, all inventory items of this product kind is shown in an expanded list (in the example beneath "(#24) and (#25) are examples of inventory item ID's.
      • "Inventory not allocated" indicates that you have an order from "Customer name", but that order is not allocated to a specific inventory item. 
  • If "Show inventory" is disabled, or the product is set as "Bulk"
    • Then the list of customers who has booked this kind of product will show up, if you click on the product name.
  • If you click the inventory item bar, to the right of a customer name, or an inventory item, a pop-up will show.
  • If you click on "See order" you will then be taken to the order page, under "Orders" (separate page from the schedule page). 
  • If you want to assign a specific item to that order, you do this on the order page, under "Inventory ID" - but this is not something you have to do.  


  • The green product bars
    • These indicate if there is inventory booked for this product
    • The number indicates how many items are booked, for the given time period
    • These product bars are always green (do not confuse them with the inventory item bars, that change colour depending on the item's delivery status)
    • By clicking the product bar, you are shown the inventory items for this product, and the orders (if any)
  • The inventory bars
    • These are bars that are placed under a product, indicating that there is an order that contains this item
    • The colours indicate the delivery status for the item
      • The colour is also shown (and explained), if you click the inventory bar, see the pop-up, and look to the right of "Delivery status". The status text colour will change accordingly to the delivery status, and is the same colour as the inventory bar itself.
      • The name of the person/company booking will be written on it.
  • "Total Units"
    • This is the number of total units that you own of this product.
    • Do not confuse it with units left in stock, or anything else.
  • Settings
    • Sort by Location/Category
      • This setting allows you to sort the orders by either Location first, and under this each Category; OR sort by Category first, and under this each Location.
    • Show inventory
      • Will show the inventory items under the products on the left hand side. We recommend you to have this setting on, if you want to drag and drop orders between inventory under different product. When changing this setting, you are changing it for all users in your company.
    • Compact view
      • Enabling this will make more products/items show vertically, compared to having it disabled
      • If you want to drag and drop, we recommend turning this setting on.
    • Hide product totals
      • This setting is only shown when the Compact view is enabled. It hides the product bars and shows grey lines in its place. This can be of benefit for companies that care a lot about their inventory items (track them on a unit level, care about which item is rented out to whom); and do not care too much about the totals for the products.
      • Examples could be car rental companies, companies renting out expensive equipment, automated trailer rentals etc.
  • "Only products with orders"
    • This is a filter setting, that when enabled, will only show you the products that has items booked for the given time period
  • Legend
    • Clicking this allows you to quickly get an overview of what all the inventory item statuses (colours) are
  • "Today"
    • Clicking this button will take you to the current day. If you are in Weekly or Monthly view (see below), then the current day will be the first day shown.
  • "Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly"
    • This is a setting for changing between different views. To either see the full day (from 00:00-23:59), the full week (Monday-Sunday), or the whole month.


You can also open the schedule from you mobile phone. Here, the functionality is very similar to the desktop version. The main difference is that the time selection, for Monthly/Weekly/Daily, is moved to the settings button. 

Drag & Drop

If enabled for your site, you can drag and drop orders for rental products vertically from one inventory item, to another. When doing this, the order will be updated with the new inventory item, instead of the original inventory item (& product, if a product was selected).

Note: Drag and drop is only available on bars for specific orders, to the right of inventory items (or non-assigned orders), UNDER the prouduct totals. So you can not drag and drop from the green product total bars.

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