How to create a subscription product

A subscription product has a lot in common with a standard renting product and a similar setup (adding product descriptions, multimedia, accessories, etc; read more here).

Its main differences are:

  • Product pricing will be per month (instead of daily, hourly or other pricing options)
  • Any order made with a subscription product will trigger specific order processes over the order lifetime such as recurring payments, the ability to swap or end subscription for the user, others

Note: Subscriptions can only be activated by Technical Support for your shop (

Steps to turn on the subscription mode on a product

1 Start by creating a Subscription Product:

Choose "As a Subscription".

(If you do not see "As a Subscription" as an option, then please contact and ask for this to be turned on for your shop.)

2 Add the product price per month:

Important remarks: 

  • In case of accessories or packages, any related sub-products need to have the subscription mode enabled as well
  • Your shop supports a mixed product portfolio, if you want to offer both subscription and renting solutions to your customers (with one exception related to Klarna Checkout: this payment gateway supports exclusively subscriptions)

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