Subscription Swap Request - what happens?

Subscription Swap is a feature that allows users to swap their products / services while they have an active subscription (eg. changing from a smaller to a larger size or changing to another product type altogether).
This can be instrumental to achieve a smoother swap process (checking availability, confirmation, payment).

To activate Subscription Swap, please contact

  • Users will be able to check availability of alternative products online
  • Users will be able to trigger the swap request online
  • Manager will have visibility on the swaps requested on active orders

How does the user initiate a Subscription Swap?

A webshop user with an active subscription will be able to initiate the subscription swap from the "My Rentals" page after logging in:

The user will be able to navigate and find similar or alternative products to switch the old product with. When ready, he can click add to cart to initiate a swapping order. The user will have to pay online for the difference in case the new product is more expensive and the next recurring payments will be adjusted accordingly.

The user can exit the swap mode by clicking the Close button on top right.

Remark: If any advanced swap rules are required, such as adding special transport fees or additional service fees, please contact Customer Support at for evaluating such site configurations.

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