How the shop user place a subscription order

By using subscription products, you will offer your webshop users the possibility to subscribe to a product or a service and pay for it via recurring payments.

In the Sharefox shop there are some indicators that distinguish subscription products from the usual rental products:

  • while browsing the products
  • when exploring individual products and adding to cart
  • when reviewing the cart and paying

When browsing products the user will see per month prices, which is different from the usual rental products (with per-day price as default):

Optional: it is also possible to activate the “direct add to cart” functionality, in case the subscriptions offered by your business always start on day of booking, and do not require for the user to choose a start date.
(Please contact to activate this option.)

When exploring individual products, users will not have to select an end time for their booking and selecting a start date or time is optional as well:

In case your subscription services should always start on the day of booking we can activate this option, and your users will not have to select a start date for the subscription either (Please contact for activation).

Note that subscription products also support variants and packages.

When user selects one or more subscription services, the shopping basket will also include a special line representing

the recurring fee that he or she will pay for subsequent months:

Note: in case there is any one time fee (such as: one time rental, one time sales product, transport fee, etc.) then this will be added to the first month payment, but not included on the recurring second month payment and onwards. 

Coupons are also supported for subscriptions and they work in the following way:

  • One time discounts will only apply to the first month payment
  • Percent based discount will apply to each month payment over the lifetime of the subscription 

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