Subscription End Request - what happens?

The Subscription End Request action is an optional feature, and can be activated on your webshop.

Existing customers will have the ability to request cancellation for selected subscription items from "My Orders" page after logging in:

Triggering the Subscription End Request action, will result in:

  • An email notification being sent to the manager (optional)
  • An email notification of acknowledgment being sent to the end user (optional)
  • The delivery status will be changed to Subscription End Request. This can be useful in managing ongoing orders, allowing manager to filter for cancellation requests
  • The expected return date will be set according to the rules activated for your shop
    • Simple rule: The expected return is set N days after the cancellation request
    • An advanced configuration based on a time-limit before next month payment is also possible (please contact if relevant)

In the example below, the subscription end request was made on August 26 and the expected return date was set to 14 days after the action date, meaning on September 9.

Note: can be a good idea to set up a notification about how to prepare the product to be returned triggered by the event: Subscription End Request. Read here how to set it.

If the customer for some reason did not end the subscription by the portal, these are the actions to take:

  • set the Order Status Closed, or use the Actions button > Close order, on the order page, then any further payments will not be processed
  • You can also manually set the next payment to "Inactive" from the payments list (see screenshot), in case you are still checking the returned item or have some communication with the customer.
    Screenshot 2022-10-24 at 23.56.02.png

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