How do recurring payments work?

One of the main benefits of product subscriptions is that recurring payments are handled automatically over the course of the subscription lifetime:

  • Recurring payments are initiated within the order placement flow
  • Recurring payment amount (for months 2,3, ...) includes subscription items only
  • Recurring payments can be adjusted by the manager, such as shifting or rescheduling the next scheduled payment or adjusting its amount, in accordance with terms and conditions

Where can I see the recurring payments?

You can see the recurring payments for an order under the Payments tab on the Order page. This includes the initial payment, all recurring payments that have been processed, as well as the next scheduled payment.

The recurring payment amount from months 2 will only include order items that are physical subscription items. Any items that are one-time rentals or a one-time purchases, will only be included on the initial payment, and not included in subsequent monthly payments.

What is the schedule for recurring payments?

  • The payment date for the very first recurring payment, meaning 2nd-month of rental, can be adjusted to reflect the need for transport time or other preparations on the first delivery. By default the value is set to 45 days and can be configured to meet your business needs (please contact
  • Afterward the interval between subsequent payments is set to 30 days by default. This can be adjusted according to your business needs (please contact
  • Payments will end when the order is closed, the subscription is fully terminated by the user (if the site is configured as such, read more here), or if manually interrupted by the manager

How to adjust the next scheduled payment?

The shop manager can adjust the next scheduled payment, as follows:

  1. Can deactivate the next scheduled payment, in case of an interrupted subscription 
  2. Can change the scheduled date, shift it by a few days to reflect a delay in delivery or any other reason, as agreed with the customer
  3. Can change the amount to be captured, for example to give a one-time or recurring discount as agreed with the customer

What happens if a scheduled payment fails?

In case a recurring payment that is scheduled fails, the system will trigger a set of notifications and then retry after a number of days (default setting is 3 days), as follows:  

  • An email notification will be sent to the shop manager
  • An email notification will be sent to the user encouraging them to log into the system and authorize the payment with a new card
  • The system will reschedule another payment attempt after 3 days. This value can be adjusted based on your business needs (please contact

When the user will log in to the webshop, they will be able to identify the order with failed payments under the "My Rentals" page, after logging in.

In case the card update is  successful, the user will receive a new receipt reflecting the new payment method (eg. the card “mask” numbers, if an online card is used), and the normal recurring payment cycle will be restored.

  • A new payment will be scheduled at the set monthly interval (eg. 30 or 31 days) after the original expected date of the last payment. In case this turns out to be in the past (eg. in case there were many failed payment attempts), then it will be scheduled tomorrow and the manager will receive a notification via email

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