How does the self-service work (Flinkey / Sharebox)?

The self-service gateway ensures full delivery automation, allowing the customer to place a booking and continue with picking up the rental product seconds after, all without any required assistance. 

The  customer will..

  • Receive an automated notification about the self-service access (via email or SMS) (Read more here)
  • Use the 3rd party solution (e.g. SMS service, Mobile App) in order to get access to the rental delivery, object, package, etc.

The  shop manager will..

  • See and manage all the automatically generated access records in Sharefox Admin (Read more here)
  • Have the ability to manually override or revoke access, if needed
  • Manage allocation of inventory items to the self-service system, devices, etc. (Read more here)

Contact Sharefox sales or support for any questions related to this feature. 

Sharebox Self Service

One of our latest self service integrations is provided by our partner Sharebox. Here is an infographic describing the sequence of events for the shop manager and end user.

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