Assigning new access devices to an inventory item

In order to set up the inventory correctly and ensure all is running smoothly, you will have to perform the steps below. Most likely you will do this on a monthly basis, or intervals that make sense for your business.

Please follow the following 3 steps:

  • Update your Sharefox inventory. First just update the inventory as normal (See instructions here). This will ensure that one or more new asset exist and can be booked by users
  • 3rd party system update (if necessary). Update your asset configuration in the 3rd party system (eg. Flinkey, Sharebox)
    • For Flinkey: Create a new car, a new box and assign the box to the car in the Flinkey portal (see Flinkey manual for details)
    • For Sharebox: Make sure a dedicated locker is registered on the Sharebox portal
    • For Inlet: Receive the required lock IDs from Inlet Support team
  • Allocate self-service details to inventory. Go back to Sharefox inventory and enter the self-service parameters to each item:
    • SSG Provider ID: Choose an option from the pre-populated list with Self Service technology provider accounts (eg. your Flinkey account, your Sharebox account, your Inlet account)
    • SSG Serial ID 1:
      • For Flinkey: populate with car id value from Flinkey portal. ID can be found in the car URL on the portal (eg:
      • For Sharebox: populate with Reservation ID value from Sharebox portal. Get the Reservation ID from the reservation corresponding to the Cabinet/Locker Number you are using
      • For Inlet: populate with Locker ID value. Get the Locker ID from the Inlet Support team
    • SSG Serial ID 2 (required for Inlet only):
      • For Inlet: populate with API-key value for specific lock or location. Get the API-key from the Inlet Support team

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