How can I see all access records for users?


This page introduces the concept of administration of access in the self-service functionality of Sharefox. The self-service administration allows an administrator to look at all bookings, maintain them by amending/deleting them and get an overview of all related events to the booking. 

A Sharefox shop can use for example ShareBox to leave a key to a rental object, be it a canoe or a cabin, in a locker. As part of the rental through Sharefox the customer will receive an sms and/or email related to how to access this locker in order to pick up their rental object without manual assistance from the rental shop owner. 

Each rental, pick-up and delivery of the item can be logged in Sharefox so that the shop owner has a full overview of operations without being on site. 

How to access the self-service administration

You can access the records from two places:

  • You can open Self Service from the admin left menu
  • You can go to Self Service also from Order by clicking on Actions > Self Service

Administration of access

It is possible for a Sharefox administrator to update or delete the access related to a booking. This could be in the case of a customer canceling an order, or it could be related to a customer asking for a differnt access start/end time. 
You can search for specific access by booking reference in the Search bar:

You can change access records from the action buttons (Update / Revoke). (See here how)

You can see the log of the self-service process by clicking the View Log icon in the last column:

Overview of events related to access

The self-service page contains an overview of events related to the access. Examples of events can be "Locker opened by sms" or "Locker opened by web link". This can be used to remotely monitor the rental operations, and can be used to see that the customer has successfully retrieved their rental object. 

It is possible to choose to see all events, only new events or old events. It is also possible to mark one or more events as seen, removing them from the "Unseen" events list. 

No actions can be taken on the events in this list, it is there for information purposes only. 

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