How the user gets info about self-service access

As soon as the user places a successful order for a self-service enabled product, he or she receives a notification (email or SMS) with information about self-service access (eg. Flinkey app access details).

Self Service via Flinkey

There are two possible situations:

  1. User account created in the self-service system (eg. Flinkey)
    In this case the user will receive the username and the password in the email.

  2. User already existing (eg. owning a Flinkey account)
    In this case the user will receive the username in the email but instead of the password he will get a message “Your current password” since he is already a registered user in the self-service system.

Self Service via Sharebox or Inlet

The user will be notified via SMS message when the assignment is made. Example:

Self Service via Inlet

In case of Inlet, the access code sent via SMS can also be visible for the user under My Rentals page after logging in on the Shop.

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