How to notify service personell about bookings


In general one can set up notifications, where the manager or customer gets notified about a booking, given a lot of different parameters.

At the same time, in some cases, you want some other person to receive a notification about that their service has been booked. Read on to learn more about this:


You have a service like "Cleaning", alongside your rental business. When someone books the "Cleaning" product, you want the cleaning personell (maybe a 3rd party company), to be informed that they have been booked in for a given time.

Solution alternative 1

  • Log in to the email provider for your email service that you use to receive a copy of the customer receipts.
    • Tip: It is the email address that you can see used in Settings -> Email communication -> Sending Address
  • Forward the emails you receive that contains the name of the service product, to the email address(es) of the service personell
  • Example: IF you receive an email containing the words "Cleaning" AND the subject is "Receipt" THEN forward the email to

Solution alternative 2

  • If you have a service product where multiple people could do the job, you could consider this more advanced solution:
    • Create one inventory item for each person, for your service product.
      • E.g. "Sarah L - Employe 5007", "Paul T - Employee 5008"
    • Send an email to and ask for "auto allocation" to be turned on
      • This will make the system to automatically allocate inventory items to a booked product, based on what is available.
      • It will also make it so that the receipts sent to your customer, and the receipt copy sent to one of your email addresses, will have the inventory ID in it.
    • Create manual orders for internal bookings for when each of the service personell is not available to be booked. This will make sure that they can not be booked by customers at these times.
    • Follow the steps in "Solution alternative 1", and create one email filter per person.
      • You would for each of these then let the trigger keywords be e.g. "Sarah L - Employe 5007" (the ID of the inventory), and forward the email to the email address of this person.


  • If you turn on such email forwarding, it can often be wise to include a sentence about that service personell from 3rd party services can get access to the order details, in your terms and conditions.
  • It is also possible for Sharefox support to create a new user, which (only) has access to the Schedule module. This can allow cleaning/service personell to get an overview of what will happen when.

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