Make your site stand out in Search engines - SEO

Your Sharefox Site comes equipped with several SEO features already built-in:

The following is an overview of SEO elements that are available. Most of them can be edited by you on your Sharefox Admin site.

Main page SEO tags

You can set up the page titles and page description tags for each of your main pages, from Admin Settings ▸ SEO:

Page title: This is the title of the page and will show in search results after the "site name". In the example above, "Turnkey software for sports & outdoor rentals", for the landing page.

  • For other pages, such as "Products" it can be wise to be descriptive on what the page contains. E.g. if you rent out bikes, you may rename "Products" into "Bikes" or "Rental Bikes". This will also become the page header name on the Shop. The "Blogs" page may be renamed "Bike tour tips", etc.

Description tag: This is a description text that Google will read through to understand what your site is about and is shown below the main page title in search results.

  • In the example above "Make renting easy. Make equipment renting as easy...". Write this text in a natural language, describing what the site is about, and what you want to rank for. If you want to rank high for e.g. "Cheap bike rentals in Oslo", then you could include keywords such as "discount", "el-bikes", "kids bikes etc." to show Google that the page is relevant for people looking for this.

Product page SEO elements

These will be generated separately for each product and can be easily set up in Admin Products:

  • Title tag
  • SEO meta description (160 characters)
  • Multimedia title (for each entry)
  • Multimedia description (for each entry)

Product category SEO elements

These are generated for each product category, and can be set up in Products ▸ Product Categories.

  • SEO meta title (for each category)
  • SEO meta description (for each category)

Blog/Activity page SEO elements

The following will be generated or each blog page:

  • SEO meta description: will be identical to the blog Summary field
  • Multimedia title: ca be set for each multimedia entry
  • Multimedia description: the same

Blog post content

We recommend writing blog posts / Activity pages, about topics related to the rental of your products. It can be activity tips, product usage guides, news etc. Think of what search keywords you want to rank high for, and use these as a basis when writing some of the blog articles. Pay attention to what words you use in titles.

SEO Visibility features

The Sharefox webshop also comes equipped with other SEO visibility related features such as:

  • Sitemap auto generation, updated regularly
  • Robots.txt directives optimised for SEO search engine visibility

Google Search

To ensure that Google can efficiently crawl and index your website, it is important to submit your sitemap:

Your Sharefox platform also facilitates setting up your Google Search Console via the HTML tag method:

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