Make your site stand out in Search engines - with SEO optimisation

Your Sharefox Site comes equipped with several SEO features already built in:

  • SEO content features, such as: product page tags and meta information, image tags, main page meta information 
  • SEO visibility features, such as: sitemap auto generation, robots.txt directives

SEO content features

The following is an overview of SEO elements that are available. Note that most of the SEO tags listed below can be edited from your Sharefox Admin site.

Product page SEO elements (generated for each product):

  • Title tag
  • SEO meta description (160 characters)
  • Multimedia title (for each entry)
  • Multimedia description (for each entry)

Blog/Activity page (generated or each blog page):

  • SEO meta description (Summary field)
  • Multimedia title (for each entry)
  • Multimedia description (for each entry)

Main pages (5 pages) the SEO meta_description is provided by Sharefox, for each main page. If you cannot provided the content, our support team will select a paragraph from "Om oss" page for:

  • Landing page
  • Product & Tjenesten
  • Hvorfor leie
  • Hjelp
  • Om oss

SEO visibility features

The Sharefox webshop also comes equipped with several SEO visibility related features such as:

  • Sitemap auto generation which is updated regularly
  • Robots.txt directives optimised for SEO search engine visibility
  • Once the site content and SEO elements are in place, it is good practice to ask Google to re-scan the site. This can be performed either from the Google Search Console (domain owner can trigger that by using Google tools), or by simply asking Google to re-scan:
    • In any browser tab simply go to this address: - where you replace the domain value with hour own domain and press enter
    • Note: This only sends a trigger to the Google search engine to schedule a re-scan. The actual time of the rescan depends on Google search operations 
    • This step is one time performed by the Sharefox onboarding team after the site is published on its final domain

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