How to setup a tour or limited time service booking

Setting up a product that functions as a tour, or service booking with a separate time schedule.

Example: setup a guided tour running that is running at separate times and dates from any other product.

  1. Ask the support team to create a channel for this. Name the channel appropriately. See photo

  1. Create a product that you would like to sell, for example a tour.
    1. Set a price as required or add accessories that can be rented as recommended for a price and if you need inventory or not. See the article for creating a product.
    2. Inside the product, open more options and the Channels & Locations. Select the channel that was created for the tour.

    3. If the activity has a fixed duration. Enable fixed duration and set a time for it. If the tour is 4 hours, set 240 minutes (60 x 4). This will disable the return time button and you will only see a start time.

  1. Now go back to channel for the activity and set the opening hours for the days the tour is running.
    1. Make sure the channel has the same inventory location as the other products you want to rent out.
    2. Set the pickup/ start times you want the tour to happen for the day. See more here for channel configuration.
    3. Set the return time. Make sure that you have a return time set inside the channels that will match the 4 hours set. If not the fixed booking time will not work and the calendar will not open as system does not have any return time for the tour or the rented bikes. NOTE: This needs to be done even if the return time does not show on the website for the customer. Pro tip. Set the return time in calendar to be 24 hours to avoid this..

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