Channels: Update calendar(opening days, holidays)

The Channels calendar feature allows you to configure your shop daily availability, such as open and closed days or opening hours. These can be managed at a shop level in case you have multiple shops or delivery methods in your business. You can:

  • Set open or closed days to reflect your business schedule on weekends, public holidays, or special occasions
  • Set opening hours for specific calendar days or months of the year (eg. all Mondays in September are open 9:00 to 15:00), to control the user pickup & return options for your rental operations (see more on how opening hours and pickup & return interact here)
  • Use split opening hours, in case your business requires it
  • Easily control calendar: by specific day (eg. 23rd of September), change based on patterns (eg. all Saturdays this year), etc.
  • In case you have multiple locations, your calendar settings can be changed by location if required, depending on your channel configurations (please contact our Customer Success team in case of any questions)

The Channels feature can be found under Admin ▸ Settings ▸ Channels.

A list of locations set up for your shop will be displayed. Click on a specific location you would like to update the calendar for.

How do I set a specific date open or closed?

Click to one specific date in the calendar

Click to one specific date in the calendar. 

You will be able to set the day open or closed, and update opening hours.

Remark: If opening hours are not set (while date is marked “open”) the system will assume the “day is open” and all pickup & return times defined will be available to the end user. See more on how opening hours and pickup & return interact here.

Click Confirm button to save your settings.

How do I update all the weekends this year or this month?

Click on Manage Opening Hours

You will be able to select a wide period of time, and specific days of week (eg. all Saturdays or Sundays) and then manage the opening hours as you wish.

How do I add split opening hours if my business requires so?

Sharefox supports split opening hours as well. Click Split hours on the opening hour popup

The split hours will act just like the opening hours with respect to filtering the pickup and return times (read more here).

Enter your split opening hours values and click Confirm to save your settings.

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