How do I set my location name and properties?

The Channels feature allows you to manage your delivery channels and location properties for each location your shop has configured.

You have the ability to adjust:

  • Location basic information such as name, address and map coordinates
  • Additional descriptions useful to your users (optional) with tips such as “for renting outside opening hours, call our phone number”
  • Location inventory mapping settings (eg. two locations sharing same inventory)
  • Location opening calendar and pickup & return times
  • Display options for users, in case your business has multiple locations, eg. location sorting, grouping (eg. into regions), visual icons for separate delivery channels (eg. home delivery)

Where can I see the locations configured for my shop?

To see your configured locations, please navigate to Admin ▸ Settings ▸ Channels

A list of locations already pre-configured for your shop will be displayed

You can use the pen buttons to edit channel level or location level properties.

Note: Your shop comes preconfigured with a set of locations. In case you would like to add new locations, please contact the Customer Success team.

How to adjust my shop location basic information?

Click on a specific location in order to update its properties such as name, address or map coordinates.

  • Display name: This will be the visible name your webshop users will see
  • Map coordinates: For setting up map coordinates, we recommend using a mapping service such as Google Maps to identify a map location and copy paste the latitude-longitude values (comma separated). This will place your location on the map which is visible on your webshop (in case the map option is enabled)

How to adjust calendar and pickup & return times?

For updating your location opening calendar, please read more here.
For updating your renting pickup & return times , please read more here.

Location inventory

In case your business has multiple locations close to each other, it is possible to assign one inventory for such locations. By default, each location has its own inventory.

Disabling this option will allow you to choose inventory from other locations.

How to set up extra descriptions for my locations or channels?

There are two set of descriptions that can be set up for your users to see on the webshop: a channel level description and a location level description:

  • Channel level description (most common): displayed before the user chooses a location. You can set a custom text by clicking the pen icon next to the channel name:
    The description will be displayed to the user in the order placement process:
  • Location level description (optional): displayed after the user chooses a location. You can set a custom value in the Description property on the Location page:
    The description will be displayed to the user as follows:

 Note: in case of a business with just one location the resulting effect will be very similar.

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