What are buffer times and how to update them?

Buffer times represent specific safety reservation time between your orders. This time will be added either before or after a booking reservation period and will be invisible to the end user, once a booking has been made.

Buffer times can be of two types:

  • Lead time: a period of time reserved before the order actually starts. This can be useful in case any preparations are needed for the product or service provided (eg. packing time, transport time)
  • Lag time: a period of time reserved after the order ends. Can be useful for order closing processes such as verifications, cleaning, etc.

To enter buffer time for one of your business locations, first select your location in Admin ▸ Settings ▸ Channels

From the Buffer Times section and update the Lead Time or Lag Time settings.

Note: The buffer times are also taken into account when checking availability for a new incoming order.

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