New: Orders 2.0 - Better order overview

We are pleased to introduce you the new Orders 2.0 features, which are currently under implementation. They have been prepared based on feedback from our customers, and include many improved & new features as well as a finer look to make the user experience more pleasant and more efficient.

New looks & design for mobile

With the new Orders 2.0 module, you will have access to more clear and user-friendly pages, with good features that will provide an efficient workflow. The upgrades include:

  • Improved pagination, information displayed, statuses & highlights
  • Notifications at order level (eg. delayed returns)
  • New order types are introduced (online vs. manual vs. internal orders) and visible while browsing
  • Mobile view to make daily operations more efficient

New filters and functions for efficient daily operations

Filters have been optimised to include both quick filters and more advanced filter options, including:

  • Efficient filtering for Pickups and Returns, during the selected time period (eg. Today or This Week)
  • Filter by additional fields: order type, payment method, etc.
  • Print or Export to Excel your own selection of orders

Create orders directly from admin

We have a new way of creating orders in case of drop-ins or order placement over the phone, etc. Within a few clicks you will be able to select the customer or create a new one, the needed products, select the payment method, and place the order.

Order Creator in 3 steps

  • You can now create orders with 3 simples steps: select customer, select product, place order. (See article about creating an order)

New functionality also inside the order (see order information article)

  • Edit orders manually, offer custom discounts or custom services
  • Ability to generate invoices from Admin Orders
  • Many other small tweaks and improvements to make your daily work more efficient  

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