How to log in as your customer

To create an order, you have two options:

A) Create the order from the admin system

B) Create the order from the shop.

This article is about alternative B.

In the customer register you will find the right customer. If you have not created the customer first, do so. See related article on how to create customer. Click on the customer, here you get an overview of stored information and which orders the customer already has. Press LOGIN AS CUSTOMER, top right to create a new manual order on behalf of the customer.

This will take you to the store's page. Here you enter the order you want in the usual way, just as you should have been the customer and ordered via your customer portal. When you get to the shopping cart, you can effectively update customer data with name and address, company information, etc. at the same time as you place the order.

Then select "Go to checkout", in the drop-down menu you can choose invoice, checkout or credit card depending on which payment solutions you have available.

Now, for some payment methods, as invoice, you could place the order directly. However, in many cases, before placing the order through the shop, you might want to - while the order is still in the cart - go back to the admin system, search for the order under "Orders" - make sure you have the filter set to "In cart". Then you fill find the order in cart, and can

Now the order is registrered as booked.


  • You can also put an order back into cart by giving it the order status "Reopened". This is great if you want to request a payment from your customer.

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