Automate deliveries with Self Service Gateway

The Sharefox platform allows shop managers to increase the quality and efficiency of their rental service by automating the rental delivery process with the Self Service Gateway feature - by integrating with self-service technologies such as Flinkey, Sharebox or Inlet

Note: Inlet has multiple partnerships with locksmiths or lock manufacturers: Assa Abloy, Salto, Evva, iLoq, Dormakaba.


  • Enhanced customer experience: 24/7 user access, no waiting time, proximity
  • Efficiency: unmanned pickup points, bulk maintenance routines 

How do I activate self-service?

As shop owner or shop manager, you will have to go through the following process:

  • Identify a suitable self-service technology / system matching your business needs (products needs, channel needs eg. physical gateway access). Make sure the 3rd party system provides an API interface allowing application-to-application connections
  • Contact Sharefox team for a technical evaluation to understand if the system can be easily connected to your Sharefox shop and serve your business needs. You will hear from us shortly
  • Occasionally, a small API "translation" interface needs to be built in order to connect the 3rd party system to the Self Service Gateway  

Read about how the self-service works in more detail here.

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