Creating insurance offer for your products

An insurance offer/fee can be created for any product. You can set up an insurance product to follow the rental product in two ways:

  • Ongoing insurance fee, following the rental period/number of days
  • One-time insurance fee

The way to set up an insurance product is the same way as a normal accessory. You can also set up one-time insurance like cancellation insurance without following a period by creating it as a type ´consumable´.

  1. Create an accessory called for example "Stillas Forsikring", find an illustration for the icon, and describe the insurance in the product fields.

2. Set the daily price as your starting fee for the insurance, which can be the daily price of a physical product x for example 5%. E.g. For a 100 kr product, you put daily price as 5 kr.  Then you can configure it in three ways:

  • For one-time insurance, set the multiday discount pricing schedule to 100% for day 2, day 3, etc.
  • For ongoing insurance, with a flat daily insurance fee keep multiday discounts as 0% or none
  • If you want the insurance to follow the product price (any discounts on day 2, day 3, etc.), enter the same multiday discounts as you have set to the product

Please note that you need to connect an insurance accessory for each product. You may also need to create different insurance offers for different products to match the terms and prices.

3. Lastly you fill-up the inventory with as many items as you have products

4. You then need to attach it to the product you want to make it show up on the page

Tip!: If you want to have a specific relation of the insurance price compared with the product, you need to calculate the relation. For example, if the products cost 100 NOK, and you want a 5% insurance price, you set the price as 5 NOK.

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