Setting up Facebook Messenger Plugin

The Facebook Messenger Chat is discontinued from Facebook and will not work after May 24

Setup Chat for your storefront

  1. Login to your Facebook business account and navigate to Meta Business Suite
  2. Navigate to your Inbox, and then click Settings ->View all settings in the top right corner
  3. Select Chat Plugin from the left hand menu
  4. From here, begin a manual setup by clicking Setup
    • Select your language
    • Add the website domain of your Sharefox storefront
    • You will be told to copy the code and add it to your website, but you do not need to do this step
  5. Once the setup wizard is closed, select Messaging from the settings side bar
  6. Copy Your Messenger URL and send this to Sharefox customer support
  7. Sharefox will enable chat for your site and contact you again when it is live

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