Engage with visitors - via Facebook Chat

How can messenger help your company? 

  • Get costumers:
    • By using Messenger, the process of acquiring new customers will be easier. Messenger offers visitors to your website a direct method they can contact you
  • How to facilitate transactions:
    • Messenger helps you enhance your shopping experience by giving visitors the opportunity to speak directly with a salesperson when considering renting a product from you, respond to inquiries and recommend relevant products to build trust in the company and increase sales.
  • Creating increased awareness:
    • Building an experience on Messenger can help you make your business, products and services more accessible. Whether you post a new product on your rental platform or promote awareness, the creative dialogue creates a meaningful connection with your business.
  • Show customers that you care:
    • Integrating Messenger into a customer service strategy enables customers to communicate with your business on their own terms. No more "put on hold" or juggling between website windows. The conversation remains in Messenger, an easy and accessible place for questions and later contact.

Why Facebook Messenger?

Facebook offers security and not least quantity of users. As of today, 2.74 billion active users are registered on Facebook on a daily basis, which means that the majority of the world has a Facebook user. In addition, 9 out of 10 people have some form of Facebook app available on their smartphone that will make it even easier to get in touch with potential customers, friends and family. With simple login methods on various websites, Facebook makes it easier than ever for your customers to get in touch with you without necessarily having to create a user.

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