Invoicing: Create Invoice basis PDF for an Order

It is possible to create an  invoice basis PDF covering all invoicing costs related to an order:

  • Document can be used for accounting purposes (eg. attach as documentation to an invoice)
  • It can also be sent to a customer to give them an overview of the costs so far, for the entire order, or for a custom period
  • The cost data can also be sent automatically to selected invoicing systems (read more about: how invoicing works and our invoicing integration gateway)    

How to generate the invoice base PDF?

To generate the invoice basis for an order there must be an order to start with. The invoice can be created from the Invoices tab of the order by using the +Add an invoice button. 

After the invoice is created, but before it is sent to an accounting system or a PDF is created, it is possible for the user to choose which address from the Customer to use. The default address used will always be the General address of the customer. By clicking Update client info the user can choose to use an Invoice address if present, or enter their own. 

To generate a PDF copy of the invoice basis document click the Download PDF button.

Note that an Invoice default state will be  Draft when created. Sharefox will assume the invoice in question is sent when the invoice basis is created or downloaded, and will inform the user that the state of the invoice will change. 

The final invoice base document is generated as a PDF and will contain information from the Order and the Customer in question.

The Company logo will be automatically added to the PDF header.     This can be customised and it is set up in Admin ▸ Settings under Media section ▸ file Logo (Inverted).

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