Login as a Customer and update customer data

To login as a specific customer, simply follow these steps:

  • If you are on the Order page, simply click on the user name in the order header and click View to get to the Customer page:

  • You can also arrive to the Customer page from the Customers module accessible via Admin menu. Then search for the specific customer, based on name or other criteria
  • Inside Customer Page, click on Login As Customer action button, available on top right:

This will take you to the store's public site. Here you can place the order you want like a normal customer through your customer portal. When you get to the shopping cart, you can effectively update customer data with name, address, business information etc. While executing your order.

Remarks: There are two main types of customers, an identified customer (see help article on creating a customer) or an unidentified customer, where you have stored customer data elsewhere, in situations such as: in-store drop in (using the so called cash customer) or when you only want to create an order to reserve the items in system (internal order).

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