Product & payment method mapping for external systems


A number of mappings are available in order to facilitate importing of accounting data into your accounting system or other accounting processing. This setup should ideally be done together with the accountant for optimal preparation of the data.

This feature is useful when used in combination with features such as: Accounting File (General), Invoicing integrations or Accounting integration via Fortnox.

Product mapping

A rental business will have a large number of different products they rent out through Sharefox. These are set up as products in Sharefox and are accessible to customers when any new rental order is created through the Sharefox Shop or manually in the Sharefox Admin application. These products must be linked to one or more products in the accounting system. It is common to have a larger number of products in Sharefox than in the accounting system. For example all Sharefox products related to renting could be posted on the same income account with the same VAT code and could be grouped together as one Product in the accounting system. 

It is possible to create custom mapping from any selection of Sharefox products into one or more category of products in the accounting system. It is important that the VAT set on the product category in accounting will be the same as the VAT set on corresponding products in Sharefox. 

For each category, two such fields Product Number in Accounting and Product ID in Accounting can be defined in the setup page found under AdminIntegrationsAccounting.

Example: Setting up the default accounting product. All Sharefox products will by default be mapped to this product, except if custom mappings are defined (below)

Example: Custom product mapping definitions which will overwrite default product mappinng

Payment method mapping

Payments method can be different for each order, and can in general include:

  • Card: online orders done through the Sharefox Shop application
  • Kasse: for orders paid through a POS system, payments in cash, when a customer buys/rents something in a physical store
  • Invoice / Faktura: for orders to be paid by invoice
  • Other custom payment methods set up for your shop in collaboration with our Support department 

It is possible to create a payment type mapping linking Sharefox payment methods, with your individual Payment Type IDs in your accounting system to facilitate data processing.  

Example: Custom payment method mapping

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