How to redirect your old site's pages

When should I use redirects and why?

If moving your existing site to Sharefox along with sale and rental products, you will want to setup redirects of your old pages to bring your customers to the new page on the Sharefox site.

Setting up redirects from your old shop to new shop have a few benefits:

  • It will make sure you do not lose any SEO ratings from your current shop
  • It ensure your customers that have bookmarked your pages, will be able to see the new version of those pages
  • It eliminates broken links from Google or old articles linking to your old site
  • Your shop will use 308 codes (the latest in permanent redirect status codes) to tell Google to start using your new location in search results

Steps to set up your redirects

Step 1: Page Mapping

Identify the mapping between your old website and the new Sharefox website page URLs. Determine the old page URL and its corresponding new page URL.

For example, if you have a current site where you have all your rentals at a page called, then the new version of this page on the Sharefox site will be called Therefore the relevant mapping here is to redirect the page /allRentals to the new page /products

Step 2: Create Permanent Redirects File

Create a file that defines the old page and new page mappings. Name this file permanent-redirects.txt . Each mapping should be written as follows: [old page URL] [new page URL] and each mapping must be written on a new line in the fil

Here is an example of a file with 4 redirects:

/allRentals /products

/rentals /product-name


/blogPosts /blog

Step 3: Check Shop Version

Make sure you are on Version 2.0 of the Sharefox shop. If you're not sure, contact your customer support representative to confirm if this applies to you.

For earlier shop versions, the Sharefox support team will need to configure the redirects for you. You can send the redirects file you've created to them to finish the process.

Step 4: Upload the redirects

Upload the redirect file from the Sharefox admin portal. Follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings and click on the 'Media' tile.

  • In the media section, click 'Add' on the 'Custom Files' row
  • Name the new file as permanent-redirects.txt  and upload the redirect file you created

Step 5: Test the redirects

Once the file is uploaded, the redirects will be in effect.

To confirm if the redirects are working, open your Sharefox shop and type the old page URL into the browser's search bar. It should automatically redirect you to the new mapping you defined for that page.

Step 6: Support

If the redirects are not working as expected, contact Sharefox support for assistance in configuring the redirect file. Remember to ensure that the redirect file contains all the necessary mappings and that the file name is permanent-redirects.txt

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